Compass ISO 45001

We are ISO 9001 ISO 45001 quality and safety certified.

Competitive with sensible pricing

Compass ISO 9001

Matchtec are capable of manufacturing hydraulic cylinders in house.

Either from sample or from drawings.

We use only top-quality materials, favouring Australian produced where possible but definitely no Chinese content.

We stand behind every item we produce with a substantial warranty and backed by our

Quality management system and ISO 9001 quality certification.

We manufacture for OEM’s and replacement items for all industries.

Where OEM is not specified, in many cases we can provide a Matchtec Improved cylinder.

Which incorporates our designs for superior cylinder components and seal kits which greatly enhance longevity and performance.

We have our own weld procedures for all cylinder welding. These have been written by welding professionals and registered with Bureau Veritas

All products produced are fully traceable via our paperless digital job management system.

All cylinders undergo QC testing before being dispatched.


Matchtec Hydraulic & Mechanical Services are a 100% WA owned business. We are large enough to carry out any scope of work yet still small enough to be innovative and keep close personal contact with our clients ensuring all their expectations are met every time.