Compass ISO 45001

We are ISO 9001 ISO 45001 quality and safety certified.

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Compass ISO 9001

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All operations at Matchtec are carried out in accordance with our integrated management system.

Not only does this make for a totally paper free workshop, eliminating all the issues involved with paper job sheets in a workshop environment. it allows for instant recording of all images, faults, measurements, test results, job status updates and final quality control checks to be done in real time and with no delays.

When the job comes in it is photographed and stamped with an identifying number which follows it though the entire refurbishment process and means it can be tracked for the life of the component.

All cylinders and components undergo documented QC testing before being dispatched.


Matchtec Hydraulic & Mechanical Services are a 100% WA owned business. We are large enough to carry out any scope of work yet still small enough to be innovative and keep close personal contact with our clients ensuring all their expectations are met every time.